Mediation Message #169


Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to count our blessings, particularly this year – one that none of us will ever forget. It has been overwhelming, and even catastrophic, in so many ways for so many people.

I only speak for myself and my loved ones, but I hope I can also speak for many of you who receive these thoughts. When the pandemic started, I was not truly aware of its scope or consequences. Naively, many thought it would be over by Summer. Now, with vaccines about to or having been developed, there’s a hopeful expectation that 2021 will bring a halt to the destructive Covid-19 virus – which leads me this Thanksgiving to recognize what I am grateful for in these very uncertain times.

I am grateful for having a home; many people and families are not so fortunate.

I am grateful for having a wonderful wife and partner who has made our isolation very bearable.

I am grateful for having healthy children and grandchildren whom I speak to regularly on the phone or Zoom.

I am grateful for having excellent medical care; I have the benefit of attentive, competent medical professionals. Again, not everyone is so fortunate.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to be involved in a challenging part of the legal profession.

Hopefully, many of you, like me, have many things to be thankful for. And, if so, you also are very fortunate. In this calamitous period of our history, let’s think about what we have rather than focus on the negatives and help those who are not so lucky. Happy Thanksgiving and be well.


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