09 Aug: Arbitration Insight No. 3

TRIAL DEMAND AFTER FEE ARBITRATION IS STRICTLY CONSTRUED In an opinion that may have implications far beyond mandatory fee arbitrations, the California Supreme Court has held that Code of Civil Procedure section 473(b) cannot remedy a failure to meet the 30-day deadline for seeking a trial de novo following arbitration pursuant to Business and Professions Code section et seq. 6200 (the MFAA).

09 Aug: Arbitration Insight No. 2

MATTERS THAT MUST BE DISCLOSED BY NEUTRAL ARBITRATORS Arbitration Insight No. 1 discussed the statutory grounds for requiring neutral arbitrators (party arbitrators are not covered) to make certain disclosures in contractual and commercial arbitrations. Insight No. 2 reviews what information those disclosures must provide.

06 Aug: Arbitration Insight No. 1

WHEN DISCLOSURES BY NEUTRAL ARBITRATORS ARE REQUIRED After attorneys have selected an arbitrator to preside over either a contractual or consumer arbitration, they should receive a disclosure checklist from the arbitrator that provides possible grounds for his or her disqualification.